About us

First and foremost, we are very pleased to have you visit this page. We would like to share our story with you. Our team has worked in a hosting company for 10 years, where we faced and resolved various situations daily. We received a lot of feedback and recommendations from our clients, and we are proud of the experience we have gained.

Now, drawing upon our extensive experience, we have created this project for you, our valued customers. We aim to provide you with what you have been asking for over the past 10 years of our work: affordable and user-friendly hosting with a support department that genuinely cares about you.

We are dedicated to helping you feel at ease on our web hosting platform, regardless of whether you are a beginner or a professional. While we cannot guarantee that there will never be any technical issues, as unforeseen circumstances can arise that are beyond our control, our goal is to address any challenges promptly and effectively.

If you are interested in having your own website on a secure hosting platform with daily automated backups, your own email, or simply a cloud storage for your important files, we are here to assist you!

Warm regards,
JOS & Host Team.