Acceptable Use Policy

Our servers are located in the Netherlands. Please review our list of prohibited actions/content on our hosting platform, as determined by legal requirements.

This list may be updated by the company as needed based on current circumstances.

The following activities are strictly prohibited on our hosting:

– Sending unsolicited mass emails (SPAM)
– Executing DDoS scripts
– Conducting Brute Force attacks
– Using vulnerability scanners
– Distributing viruses, trojans, or malware
– Operating websites that sell illegal substances
– Creating phishing websites or related services
– Engaging in activities that lead to IP address blocking
– Operating websites that involve illegal financial schemes
– Hosting content promoting illegal profits
– Hosting adult underage content, violence, bestiality
– Engaging in fraudulent activities
– Distributing third-party software or encouraging downloads of such software
– Selling illegal pharmaceuticals online
– Distributing replica items
– Conducting online surveys
– Scanning websites or ports for security vulnerabilities
– Involvement with in-game virtual currencies or generators
– Hosting hacker or cheating websites
– Use of password scanning or guessing tools
– Operating gambling websites
– Conducting forex-related activities
– Providing unlicensed IPTV services
– Using packet flood scripts
– Conducting IP spoofing attacks
– Controlling botnets
– Hosting terrorist-related content
– Selling guns, ammunition, or advertising such services
– Operating reverse proxies
– Sending mass emails via SIP scanners

Any violation of these terms will result in immediate suspension of your service.
Refunds, backups, or further cooperation will not be possible if any prohibited activities are identified.