How to transfer a domain name to another registrar

If you decide to transfer your domain from registrar to registrar, you need to find out a few important points for yourself:

  • Whether 60 days have passed since the date of registration or the last transfer of your domain. If this period has not expired, you will not be able to transfer. This is a general rule for all registrars on the Internet and you need to wait until this period expires.
  • What procedure is available for your domain. It is better to clarify this information with the support of your registrar. A domain transfer can be classic, using an EPP code (Auth Code), using an IPS tag, for some registrars or domain extensions, as well as with specific transfer features for specific domain extensions.
  • Whether privacy settings are disabled for your domain. If this feature is enabled, your domain will not be transferred and the process will not be completed. You will have to disable privacy and start the domain transfer again, which will increase the time it takes to complete this procedure.

If you are well prepared before you start transferring your domain, you will not face any problems or delays. Under the standard procedure, the transfer process takes no more than 10 days, but can be completed within a few days. And in some cases, when using IPS tag, even for several hours. If you would like to ask additional questions to our specialists from the technical department, you will only need to leave a request in the form by following the link: Contact us.

We will always be happy to answer all your questions. Ww provide the best support for each of our clients.

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