Why is it important to regularly create backups of your website?

In this article, we would like to discuss the topic of creating backups. In our experience, we have often encountered situations where a client’s website was hacked, data was infected with viruses, issues arose after installing plugins or changing settings, and websites did not work correctly.

All of these unpleasant incidents can be easily and quickly rectified by reinstalling the hosting package and uploading a fresh data backup. Therefore, it is important to create backups of your service regularly, either manually on a daily basis through the control panel or by setting up automation settings. It is also crucial to make a backup before working with your website data and immediately after completing the work.

It is advisable to store the backup information on an external source, such as your computer, a flash drive, or a disk, to ensure that it is not associated with your server. This helps safeguard against data loss in case of equipment malfunctions. Remember that your current hosting package is not the ideal place to store backups.

Many hosting companies create backups of data and store them on third-party servers, allowing clients to request their backups when needed. Our company creates daily backups that are stored for 10 days and can be accessed by clients upon request to the technical department via email.

In conclusion, while a good business idea, website development, and finding clients are important for the success of your business, it is equally vital to maintain the working order of your website and services. A fresh backup is key to stability and quick resolution in critical situations, ensuring the stability of your business operations.

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